David Chisomeje: 10 Signs That Shows You Are Lukewarm Christian And How To Overcome Being A Lukewarm Christian.

David Chisomeje
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Not every Christians you see today are true believers in Christ Jesus, many people just answer the name Christianity, but deep down their heart they know that they’re not really saved in Christ.

Do you still doubt your faith in Jesus Christ or you’re not sure your ways pleases the lord?

Like I said earlier on, many people believed Jesus Christ but decided that they won’t follow him and his commandments.

You’re saved by faith and not by yourself, even the bible confirms it that it’s not by our works or by ourselves that we are saved but by faith in Christ Jesus.

The bible also said that not all those who call me lord, lord shall see me on that day of reckoning and judgment.

Our righteousness and our works are filthy rags before the lord, your holiness it’s nothing before the lord, it is by the special grace of God that we are holy and righteous; it’s never by our making or by our power that we are holy pilgrims.

Infact I am a perfect example of this topic of being a lukewarm Christian and I am going to share with you my story so that you can have a deeper understanding about what I want to share with you today.

I was brought up in a Christian home where we believe the word of God from the very beginning, my both parents were very devoted in serving the lord in the church, not just that, my mum was the youth leader in my church district, while my dad was well devoted chorister in the church and he was burning very well for God.

That was how I grew up, but I wasn’t really a saved in Christ, I was just practicing religion meanwhile I know that I am not really a believer in Christ, even though I prayed and do all sought of good works in the church.

I noticed I believed in Christ Jesus, but there were still some besetting sins in my life which was pulling me backward in serving the lord.

I was still watching pornography, masturbating, lusting after ladies and even married women, not just that I was also watching naked men and women pictures on the internet; I was also playing carnally with my fellow female friends and we say all sought of sinful things that don’t edify Jesus Christ.

All these sins and lots more were still found in my life and I was going to church and still professing Jesus Christ. These kept on happening until I was rooted in the word of God and genuinely asked the lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and I accepted him as my lord and personal saviour.

What am I trying to say, I am telling you that its not by my own works that I am made holy, but by that special grace of God am I saved.

That was how I was a lukewarm Christian, but don’t worry if you’re still finding yourself in such category in the Christendom, don’t worry I will walk you through all you need to know and how to overcome being a lukewarm Christian.

10 Signs That Shows You Are Still Living A Lukewarm Christian Life.

1. You Never Read Your Bible (or Bible app, for that matter)

You must read the Word to stay in the pace of life, to give the words of the Lord. Like an unripe grape if you do not read your Bible, you will dry out spiritually and wither, and you will feel isolated this can lead to spiritual death. Relax with the Word of God ALWAYS (Psalm 23 — daily bread) so that you can remain spiritually strong with the living water that fills you daily (John 15). We need food and water to survive, right? It is the same with our spiritual walk with God… we need to feed you good food, which is the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

2. You Are Not Always Connected To Fellowship Regularly

You go in and out of the church and you have no roots in the ground.

3. You Only Read The Good Books Of Christianity:

They are also known as “Christian” books that do not talk about sin, hell, death and the consequences of bad decisions. Devotionals and Christian books are good to read, but do not have this as your only spiritual food.

That’s like eating vitamins for dinner. Christian books and devos are “additions,” as I call them, but the Word of God (the Bible) is the basic food.

4. You Look Like The World

Your speech, your attitude, your lifestyle, and even the media are like the world. You can be in it, but not in it. There is a way to be salty and light but still be appropriate. Do not copy people to try to be equal. Only God’s view is important. Do you agree?

5. The characters You Are Imitating Are That Of Celebrities

Who are you looking to get advice, dress, talk or even someone who may be left behind in life? Is your role model attracted to this world system or is it your role model who is a godly youth leader or mentor in your life? Rate this and write down the people who help you draw closer to God.

These people are usually ordinary, but pray to God to show you who will go and imitate them. (I understand that it’s hard not to want to copy the celebs, but guard your heart and mind and ask yourself: “Is this the person I want to be like?

6. You Only Listen To Secular Songs

Music is powerful and influences your thoughts. It does not nourish your spirit and can lead you astray from the world’s thinking and behavior.

(Example: When I listen to some music, it makes me want to go to a club and sometimes even raise my cravings… if you want to burn with Jesus, fill your mind with Worship Songs From Worshipminds And CoolGospel) Balance, but only… do you want to be hot or cold? An example of a good service album is Hillsong United’s new album Empires; go to iTunes to listen to it if you need ideas for worship.

7. You Don’t Have A Filter On Social Media

You try to copy what other people do, you always doubt your God-given beauty and abilities, and you try to lower your standards when you post photos that will be viewed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t worry about who’s following you, but who you’re following. Remember, Jesus had only 12 followers!

8. You Are Shy And Ashamed To Talk About Jesus Or Your Faith

Now, if you are a new believer or shy, I do not mean that you are lukewarm. (None of this describes you as lukewarm, but it does mean that if you go into these many forms, if that makes sense.) Also, Jesus mentions in the Bible that if you are ashamed of Him on earth, you will be ashamed of yourself before God the Father and the angels.

(Yeeks! That means Jesus wants us to BE BULLY or burn with our faith!) Yes, everyone is in different ages and everyone has a relationship with God, but we need to remember that human souls are in danger. This is a sensitive story about sharing the Gospel. God says, “GO and make disciples” — not to try to walk, but to give us the command to “go.” God also does not say that this is a great work, but rather He will be with us in our cooperation, amen?

9. Your Beliefs Contradict The Bible

You could say, “Oh, it’s okay to have sex if you LOVE” which is contrary to what God’s Holy Word says. Love is great, but it is not good if it is not under the umbrella of God’s protection. His Word is infallible, and unmistakable (the word inerrancy means “freedom from error or falsehood”) and is the LAST authority in heaven and on earth.

You can’t contradict God’s Word. The Bible clearly states that fornication (premarital sex) is not an act of God, and that marriage (union between a man and a woman) is HOLY. God instituted marriage and his Word endures forever.

One can try to change the Word of God, but it will not be changed. His Word helps us, protects us from disease, sickness, injury, unnecessary burdens, and so on.

Do you want to believe in sound good or sound good? Or do you want the TRUTH? With true love comes hard love, and truth. It’s not easy, but the truth sets you free.

This is true love. In the past, many people have wondered why people didn’t share the truth with them let’s be a church, a bride of God and be real with people. Stop lying to people in order to feel good. This flesh dies and the most important thing is their soul. Please… truly love people in Jesus’ name.

10. You Have Religious Practices, But You Do Not Have A Real Relationship With Jesus

You can act as a believer and do “good” works to increase your self-confidence, but unless what you do is CERTAINLY from a place of true worship (unseen by men), then it is not a perfect heart. God wants a real relationship with us, just as he wants your best friend, parents, and peers, amen? When I say “burning with fire” about Jesus or cold, I mean you are in love with Jesus and your life does this every day (not that you are perfect.) When I talk about cold, it means you are in opposition to Christ. Do you seek the Lord with all your heart or do you impress people?

Now What Next?

Now you know more about the dangers of lukewarm Christianity and the sign of a lukewarm Christian, the next question is how to stop being a lukewarm Christian? The purpose of this whole blog post and telling you about the signs of a lukewarm Christian was to encourage you and point you in the direction of the cross.

It was never meant to condemn you but to lovingly convict you and should you feel God begin tugging your heart and you want to know what you should be doing next, read on.

How To Stop Being A Lukewarm Christian

1. Look For A Quiet Place And Go To The Lord In Prayers

Pray to Him. Praise Him for who He is, then pray to Him to reveal Himself to yourself some more. Tell Him that you are no longer satisfied to live a life of a lukewarm believer but that you have a fire burning within you to passionately and wholeheartedly pursue after Him.

Pray to Him and tell Him to use you as His vessel and that you humbly submit yourself and all that you have to Him and His glory.

2. Spend More Of Your Time Praying To The Lord

For the rest of the night, or the rest of the day, spend time in His presence. Switch off your phone, sing worship, read the Bible, journal, talk to Him etc. Just enjoy this time alone with Him. And after today, make it a habit to spend more time with Him than you do with anything or anyone else.

3. Take A Bold Step In The Lord And Start Working For God

If you know that He has called you to do something, but you have been a slave to fear, listen to the call that He is calling you to do. His strength that dwells within you will make all things possible, so take that leap of faith and know that He is right there at the bottom ready to catch you! It is day one of the rest of your life! It’s day one of the best of your life.


Now that you’ve understood how to overcome being a lukewarm Christian, why don’t you start practicing the preventive measures I have listed for you below and unite yourself with Christ Jesus.

Also feel free to share with me your thoughts and comments about this topic, not just that you can ask your questions relating to lukewarmness and I will be happy to answer your questions.



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